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We are the infrastructure for your virtual biotech company

We provide an innovative company management service especially tailored for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Our one-stop package of back-office services provides a cost-effective solution to managing all your administrative functions – so you can concentrate on what you are good at: building shareholder value.

We are equally good at managing your drug development activities. We can provide experienced project managers by the hour or for a year – all with extensive specialist expertise in the pharmaceutical sector.

Or we can provide the complete infrastructure, with exactly the right mix of management skills available for as much or little time as you need them, on flexible short-term contracts, to develop your asset.

Drug development is changing. Its no longer feasible to built infrastructure round early stage assets, however exciting, before their potential is proven. Instead, asset owners need to execute an incisive program of studies that de-risk the new product candidate as quickly and cheaply as possible, without compromising quality.

With The Cambridge Partnership, that's exactly what you are able to do. With over a decade of experience managing successful biotech start-ups, we embraced the virtual development model before it was trendy. Whether you are a VC looking at an exciting early stage asset, or a small company that's already operating, our services can help you deliver – fast!